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Training At Chesterfield

Our Chesterfield branch is located in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, just 10 minutes from the M1 motorway. Our fully licensed kennels are run by Jess and Danny, alongside their expert team of trainers. 
Upon enquiring, our helpful team will take the time to discuss your training requirements with you and advise the best training option for you and your dog. 
Our residential training is a minimum of 2 weeks* priced at £950, including all costs and a lifetime of support
*aggression issues require a minimum of 3 weeks.
A deposit is required to secure all bookings.

'Great place, friendly staff. The training benefits are immediately obvious and his first walk after coming home was a much better experience. Well worth the visit.'
Pet Dog Dasha.jpeg

1 to 1 Training Services

As well as residential training, we also offer 1 to 1 training sessions for any dog aged 4 months and over. We have the option of ad hoc 1 to 1 sessions, or a 3 day intensive course. Our helpful admin staff will be able to advise which they feel is most suitable to you and your dog's needs. 
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