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UK Wide Residential Training Courses

Our facilities
We currently have two branches. One in Derbyshire, England, and one in Airdrie, Scotland. 

Why ADK9?
We pride ourselves on providing expert and professional dog training. Our experienced trainers are passionate about working with dogs of all breeds and sizes, with all sorts of behavioural issues, and we're dedicated to helping both dogs and owners have a better life. 

We aim to educate owners on how to get the most out of their dog by delving into their current relationship and working to improve this through the training. Our deep understanding of dogs means we can advise how best to communicate with your dog to result in long lasting training results.   


​What can we help with? 

  • Heel

  • Recall

  • General manners

  • Obedience

  • Reactivity

  • Socialisation

Why residential training? 
The key to training success is consistency. Our residential training programme is designed to work with dogs 6 months plus and enables us to give your dog the structure and guidance needed to set them up for training success. 

We understand that busy lives makes it difficult for owners to find the time to train their dog consistently, or many owners can feel out of their depth when coming to deal with more severe behavioural issues that they may not understand. The intensive training your dog would receive with us means we are able to put the training foundations in place and tackle those issues you may not have the time or knowledge to tackle yourself. 

How does the residential training work? 
Your dog would come to stay with us, in fully licensed kennels, for the duration of their training. We tailor our training to each individual dog, taking the time to establish a bond and relationship first and foremost before any training begins. 

At the time of dropping your dog off with us, a trainer will take the time to go through some paperwork and discuss the training requirements you have. It is important we are able to manage your expectations so you know what to expect at the end of your dog's stay with us. 


During your dog's stay we send regular email updates, letting you know how the training is progressing. Your allocated trainer will then be your main point of contact for anything you need during your dog's stay. 


When your dog has completed the training, we do a private handover with you to ensure that you, as the owner, leave with the knowledge and confidence needed in order to continue the training at home. Every dog that trains with us leaves with a lifetime of aftercare and support from our expert team of trainers, this includes unlimited follow up 1 to 1 training sessions and a discounted residential rate for top up training.

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