Protection Dogs


A family protection dog is often a misunderstood concept. A lot of potential clients initially think of the stereotypical yard dog and nothing could be further from the truth. 


The initial selection process is paramount to any potential candidate and it is the hurdle that most fall at. To create a true family protection dog, we are looking for stability and strength of character, health and a desire to please, only once these criteria are met, will a dog be considered for a career as a ADK9 Family Protection Dog.


Once a dog has been selected they get allocated to one of our professional dog handlers and they begin the path down our training program. Training time is not fixed, instead it is tailored to suit the individual dog and the level of training the client is looking for. 

A trained protection dog can be a new best friend to all members of your family
The ability to switch from a loving family pet to a loyal protector is the measure of a true protection dog

Selecting your new best friend is often an exciting experience that the whole family can enjoy. After a detailed discussion in our comfortable offices, cup of coffee in hand you will be introduced to a hand selected number of dogs that fit in with your requirements.


Once the decision has been made, following a period of fine tuning training, two of our team members will visit you in the comfort of your own home and spend one to two days handing over your new dog and settling them into your own lifestyle. 


It goes without saying that any trained dog supplied by ADK9 leaves with a life time of support and guidance in line with our client satisfaction policy, after all the hard work, it is paramount to us that each and every dog supplied, goes on to live a long and happy life in their home.



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