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I hope this gives me enough characters because there's not enough words I could use that would describe how absolutely amazing these guys are!!! We took a beautiful little mixed breed called Cici who was an absolute NIGHTMARE to walk.... especially with our newborn who she is extremely protective of. She would go absolutely nuts at the slightest whif of a dog and even started becoming aggressive towards strangers walking if we had the pram. It was getting to the point where she was extremely anxious on every walk before we even left the gate.... i was in despair. Id taken her to trainers before and nothing worked so I'd almost given up before I found ADK9. After doing soooo much research, these guys were worth the try atleast to help our little baby girl. Leaving her was so hard but after we met Danny, we had full confidence that she was in the right place and she was going to be loved like we love her. Fast forward 4 days out of the 9 day stay and we receive a video update that made me cry - she was walking and like a crafts dog.....with other dogs about!!! It was like witchcraft I couldnt believe she was the same dog!! I could tell she was so happy but finally behaving herself and Listening for once! When we went to collect her, they were extremely strict and great with the covid situation and managed to train both me and my partner to carry on with the foundations they have laid.... and to be fair I needed alot of training because I was too excited as to how well she was behaving!!! She was walking to heel, not reacting to dogs coming past and it was a dream!! I was scared to leave we just wanted to stay with these amazing people! Since we've got home, we can't wait for our walks and she's absolutely knackered from being out so much more... weve bumped into a few dogs and does try it on with us sometimes but we follow through with the instructions Danny gave us plus the information pack that was sent to us as a reminder (thank you!) And she snaps straight back to her beautiful trained self. Id have paid 10 times the cost of this training if I knew we were going to finally have the results we have now.... its truly amazing. Why did I even mess around with other avenues when these guys did exactly what we needed in just 9 days.... wish I had found you guys sooner!! So much love for everyone at ADK9 who are like a second family already.... and can't thank our trainer Danny enough - your all welcome for a post covid Christmas Dinner anytime! We love you guys!!!! If your reading this and are still unsure... dont be. Just do it... your pup will love you for it!
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'I first contacted adk9 and told them our situation, what we were looking for, expectations etc, i am retired and my partner although only 46 has motor neurone disease, she has a lot of carers in home daily and is visited by medical professionals daily,we were looking for a friendly ,laid back, chilled family pet dog, Wilson a German Shepherd was recommended to us by Jess , we have had him two weeks now and he can't be faulted, he is real darling, everyone loves him, he is so well behaved, obedient, friendly and is everything we requested, which goes to prove that adk9 do listen to your requirements and offer you suitable trained dog to fit your circumstances, i would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone who is thinking of owning a forever trained pet dog, the whole experience has been totally professional. thank you adk9 for our new family member.'
I took my Clumber Spaniel, Norman to ADK9 on the recommendation of a friend. He stayed 10 days to complete heel work and recall. His trainer Jess kept me updated throughout with texts and videos and was speedy in her reply to any questions I may have had whilst he was staying with her. Initially I was apprehensive about leaving him for such a long time, I need not have worried. He obviously had the time of his life! On collecting him Jess talked us through the commands used and showed us his new skills, she also spent time with us to ensure that we used the correct commands she used in training and were feeling confident. What can I say, the results were amazing and far beyond what we were expecting. I was worried that Norman may lose his quirky personality during the training process, he did not. He remains the same dog but some how Jess managed to switch his ears on! He is now walking to heel, he would previously pull all the way creating an unhappy walk for both he and I. He is now a dream. Now and again he can get a little giddy and try his luck but using the commands Jess taught us he will quickly fall back into line quite easily. His recall is also so much better. I realise this training is about building a foundation for Norman and that it is really important to be consistent in the training and follow this at all times. I am so so pleased. For those who feel it is expensive, and there is no getting round this, but the rewards of a happy dog and owner to us has been well worth it. Thank you to Jess and all the others at ADK9 for the great work and good care you took of my little lad.
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'The only trouble you may have with ADK9 is that they can start to feel like family, we had the pleasure of the Chesterfield team helping to find our family a pet dog. We started the process in October 2018 and by February 2019 Zeus, a German shepherd came to live with us and our young children. Sadly, it wasn’t a great fit, but adk9 did absolutely everything they could to try and help us, offering further advice, training, support, even a refund, but we were so confident that the perfect dog was out there for us that after parting with Zeus who truly was a nice dog, he just wasn’t ready to live with children, Jess matched us to a perfect Labrador called Marley. He suits our family so well, the kids adore him and he is so kind and gentle with them. His training was brilliant, considering he is still a puppy in his adolescent phase, his recall is great, he walks to heal, he is loving and playful yet relaxed and keen to snooze! Our trainer Shelby is only ever an email away. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending ADK9 to anyone and if we ever decided to take on another dog, ADK9 is the only place I would go! Worth every penny!'
We cannot thank Harley's trainer, Danny enough for the miracle he has worked with our over excited rottweiler. Although she loved people, she had a problem with mouthing, lunging for cars/cats/anything and her pulling was so bad we couldn't take her anywhere remotely busy. We were worried about leaving her for 10 days but as soon as we arrived, Danny put us at ease and we had complete confidence that Harley's behaviour would improve and that she would be taken care of. We were kept up to date with photos, videos and emails which was great! When we picked her up, we were amazed at how far she had come. Danny went through all of her training with us thoroughly which was really amazing for us and we left feeling confident we can keep up his excellent work. We've had her back for two days now and although she does try to test us, she goes straight back into heel and she feels like a new dog. We've already taken her on walks in busy areas and she walked incredibly. We've recommended ADK9 to our friends for their dogs. It was the best money we've spent, 100%. Again, thank you Danny for taming our wild child and taking such good care of her!
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'Our Trainer Alan was fab on initial arrival he welcomed us and spoke us through what he'd be concentrating on, and for us it was not pulling on lead, and aggression towards other dogs and recall, well I have to say when I picked him up, like another reviewer, I also stood behind the glass door and out he came walking to heel listening to his commands and changing direction with him all the time he's trotting along beside him, huge improvement, then it was my turn and right away I noticed the difference, he's a big dog for an 5'2 middle aged woman, no more excessive pulling and straining to get to other dogs. Don't get me wrong it's ongoing and every time we go out it's always a training exercise but the basics are there to be improved upon and it's now a delight to put the lead on him and know I'm taking him the walk not the other way around. Would highly recommend ADK9 for behavioural issue in dogs, would use again if needed, thanks Alan.'