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'I can’t thank shelby and the team at ADK9 enough! I picked kimbo up yesterday and have seen an instant change in his behaviour, Shelby taught me all the techniques she had used with kimbo and he is really responsive to them. His general behaviour in the house has had a massive improvement but the main areas for me was recall and walking on the lead. Since having kimbo back the walking on the lead has been amazing, I’m at working with him on his recall but the work they have done is amazing and I would highly recommend!'

'I brought logan as a young dog from ADK9 in chesterfield in December 2018 with the plan to build a bond with him whilst carrying on his obedience work until I felt he was mature enough to further his protection training. Over the past 4 weeks I have been going to ADK9 once a week for a one to one session with his original handler (Jordan) and we have been focusing on building his confidence in dealing with a threat. In just a short amount of time me and Jordan are both very confident that if ever I was in a threatening situation that Logan is absolutely more than capable of dealing with it in a controlled manor. Logan himself is the perfect protection dog, alert but friendly with strangers and if a friendly conversation turns hostile he can switch to protection mode within the click of a finger. Which is perfect for my lifestyle as we are always out and about and a lot of the time that is in busy areas so I needed a dog that was friendly and only became protective if I was unsure of someone or a situation. He is always by my side and whenever people are watching us working they always say how obvious our bond is and how focused he is on me as his handler when we are. He really is the perfect dog and I wouldn’t want to imagine life without him. The whole process from even the first phone call with Craig discussing which dog is best suited to me, to going to meet Logan, to the handover was very stress free and I was always assured that anything I was unsure about or anything I needed that Jordan was always on the other end of the phone for help or advise. There’s been a couple of weekends since I got him where I’ve been going somewhere and unfortunately Logan hasn’t been able to come with me and he has stayed at ADK9. Whenever we pull up he is excited to be there and I always leave him in confidence that he will get lots of care and attention and I don’t doubt for two minutes that he thoroughly enjoys his stay there. So overall I couldn’t be happier with Logan or the process of getting him and the further training he has had. I without a doubt would recommend ADK9 and I have on several occasions when people have asked where I got Logan from or if anyone has said they are looking for a protection dog. If ever I was to get another I would never go anywhere else but ADK9.'

'Alfie has returned home after a 10 day stay at ADK9 Chesterfield and what a difference! Alfie was attacked by another dog when he was a puppy and since then has got progressively worse when he comes into contact with other dogs, bikes, joggers or white vans - he would lunge at any of the above, barking uncontrollably and flailing about at the end of his lead. Walks were a nightmare. Since getting him home his general behaviour has improved, we can walk by other dogs - he is still interested but now passes calmly by. Amazing!  We still have to carry on with the training so that he doesn’t slip back into his old ways obviously but Danny his trainer has done a super job with Alfie and we can’t thank him enough.'

'I first contacted adk9 and told them our situation, what we were looking for, expectations etc, i am retired and my partner although only 46 has motor neurone disease, she has a lot of carers in home daily and is visited by medical professionals daily,we were looking for a friendly ,laid back, chilled family pet dog, Wilson a German Shepherd was recommended to us by Jess , we have had him two weeks now and he can't be faulted, he is real darling, everyone loves him, he is so well behaved, obedient, friendly and is everything we requested, which goes to prove that adk9 do listen to your requirements and offer you suitable trained dog to fit your circumstances, i would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone who is thinking of owning a forever trained pet dog, the whole experience has been totally professional. thank you adk9 for our new family member.'

'Today I picked up my GSD , she was very strong on the lead, barked at other dogs and was just a general menace! I had tried previously and also had a trainer come to the house but it just wasn't working so I decided to read up on ADK9. I was recommended by a man who said they were brilliant with his dog. I bit the bullet and booked her In. It was straight forward talking to Kate, she was really informative and assured me echo would be ok. We arrived and was greeted by hope, they took echo straight away,hope took me to a room to discuss what i wanted her to work on with echo then left.. Hope through the week sent pictures and videos which helped immensely with my son being autistic. This morning i have picked her up and wow the time that's gone into echo shows she looked happy ,confident and relaxed .it was like picking up a different dog! I would highly recommend ADK9 Absolutely lovely staff. Thankyou'

'Struggle to put into words how professional and outstanding ADK9 are, me and my family were looking for a family protection dog that was both good with kids and bad guys we got the best of both worlds with ADk9s " nera " a 3 year old girl who at 1st we were a little apprehensive of because of how intimidating she was but we soon fell in love with her! Likewise she loves us 2 she's very protective of my 3 kids especially my youngest, they have made a real special bond and often cuddle up together on the floor and play together all day nera is always watching who's passing the garden whilst being a good mate to my youngest I dare think what she would do should anybody have any bad intentions toward my family! The handover was seamless and Jordan is an amazing trainer who made sure we knew everything we needed 2 before handing nera over. He also drove all the way to Scotland. I also requested a video of what nera was capable of prior to her being delivered Jordan went over and above to make sure we were happy and was more than happy to accommodate our request. I found ADK9 to have very highly trained dogs at very reasonable prices. If you are reading this and thinking of getting a family protection dog look no further than ADK9 ps nera will be going for boarding whilst we go on holiday just another great string to adk9s amazing bow! Thank you Craig and Jordan for nera and a very pleasurable experience.'

'The only trouble you may have with ADK9 is that they can start to feel like family, we had the pleasure of the Chesterfield team helping to find our family a pet dog. We started the process in October 2018 and by February 2019 Zeus, a German shepherd came to live with us and our young children. Sadly, it wasn’t a great fit, but adk9 did absolutely everything they could to try and help us, offering further advice, training, support, even a refund, but we were so confident that the perfect dog was out there for us that after parting with Zeus who truly was a nice dog, he just wasn’t ready to live with children, Jess matched us to a perfect Labrador called Marley. He suits our family so well, the kids adore him and he is so kind and gentle with them. His training was brilliant, considering he is still a puppy in his adolescent phase, his recall is great, he walks to heal, he is loving and playful yet relaxed and keen to snooze! Our trainer Shelby is only ever an email away. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending ADK9 to anyone and if we ever decided to take on another dog, ADK9 is the only place I would go! Worth every penny!'

'Our Trainer Alan was fab on initial arrival he welcomed us and spoke us through what he'd be concentrating on, and for us it was not pulling on lead, and aggression towards other dogs and recall, well I have to say when I picked him up, like another reviewer, I also stood behind the glass door and out he came walking to heel listening to his commands and changing direction with him all the time he's trotting along beside him, huge improvement, then it was my turn and right away I noticed the difference, he's a big dog for an 5'2 middle aged woman, no more excessive pulling and straining to get to other dogs. Don't get me wrong it's ongoing and every time we go out it's always a training exercise but the basics are there to be improved upon and it's now a delight to put the lead on him and know I'm taking him the walk not the other way around. Would highly recommend ADK9 for behavioural issue in dogs, would use again if needed, thanks Alan.'

'Our Staffy underwent a one week Bootcamp at the ADK9 Chesterfield Kennels with anxiety issues which when amongst other dogs brought about aggressive tendencies. Since her return, she has shown a significant improvement in behaviour that has given us the confidence to walk her in dog populated areas typically country parks and tearooms which met our initial objective. Furthermore we now firmly believe she will be accepting of a second dog to the home which prior to Bootcamp we didn't think possible. The staff were very accommodating providing a full introduction and debrief to the Bootcamp which allowed us to continue the very good work they started. Thoroughly pleased with the outcome of a much more relaxed and tolerant dog and the consequences that brings about. A big thankyou to all involved.'

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